Bucklebury Victory Room

The Redevelopment

Whilst built in 1917, the technical specification of the hall does not differ much from those mid 19th century mission halls – a cramped galley kitchen, single block toilet, little storage and no consideration for disabled access. In terms of heating and maintenance the hall has become cost-ineffective.

Whilst the surveyor’s reports revealed the building is structurally sound, the needs and expectations of hirers and users have moved on, reflected in a sharp decline in lettings. We need now to ‘future-proof’ the Victory Room and provide a more comfortable user experience that will stand the test of time for future generations. We want it to remain a vital and vibrant hub of the community.

The Future

With a more timber-clad, traditional barn-style, featuring low hipped eaves and stepped ridge ends, the new building adopts more the local vernacular. The porch and VR signage on the eastern elevation retain the look and feel of the old Hall.

The new Victory Room will occupy a larger footprint ; the main Hall will be 1/3 bigger, wide enough to cater for 80 people in comfort. The kitchen will be squarer and more functional with a dual aspect servery, accessed by a new entrance lobby on the southern elevation to make access from the car park easier.

Toilet facilities are extended to include contemporary multi-cubicle facilities as well as a disabled WC which can be accessed from inside and outside. 3 storage areas will enable all chairs and tables to be stacked away.

In addition, changing rooms are provisioned in the event that future generations of games-players can take advantage of facilities that face out onto the recreation ground. Modern materials will ensure carbon efficiency and will attenuate noise pollution whilst blinds on dormer windows will serve to mitigate light pollution."

Bucklebury Victory Room